Crane Services in Brown County, MN and surrounding areas

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crane watertowerWhen you enlist the help of crane services in Brown County, MN, you want the assurance that comes with quality equipment and qualified operators. At Schaefer Crane Service we deliver peace of mind to you in the form of well-maintained cranes, safe and experienced operators, and a tenured track record of experience. Take a look at some of the many ways we can assist you:

  • High reach lifting: Our lifting capabilities are tremendously vertical, allowing you to get the support you need for high-reach jobs and high-rise developments.
  • Heavy lifting: Our cranes range from 40 to 240 tons, enabling us to lift even the heaviest loads safely and effectively. Moreover, our operators are experienced with heavy lifting, to ensure complete safety at all times.
  • Rigging and machine lifting: Machinery is an investment that needs to be treated with care. When it comes to rigging and lifting your heavy machinery, count on us to provide you with an experienced approach.
  • General hoisting: Our general hoisting capabilities are second to none and enable us to quickly integrate ourselves onto your jobsite, to provide valuable crane support as needed for your project.

Where some crane services in Brown County, MN only focus on general jobs, we’re pleased to lend a fair amount of experience to more specific crane projects. Some of the projects and industries we’re accustomed to helping include:crane

  • Modular homes: We work to help load and unload modular homes from flatbeds and other transport systems.
  • HVAC installations: We can hoist HVAC equipment to commercial and industrial rooftops for proper placement and installation.
  • Steel and wood trusses: Prefabricated trusses are no obstacle for our crews to move and we can position them for proper installation on builds.
  • Tower erection and maintenance: For high-rise buildings and towers, trust that we can provide crane support during both build and maintenance phases.
  • Grain bins, legs and towers: Agricultural operations rely on us to provide crane support for grain bins, silos, legs and towers.

Our scope of experience and expertise allows us to adapt to your jobsite needs and demands, so you can complete any job to the fullest.

For more information about our range of capabilities when it comes to crane support, or to inquire about crane rental terms and rates, please contact us today by calling 507-233-2614.